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Mintedmore than a day ago
Policy 9481268ff01d8b0ffe379e68bc1b3ca1d52d33dbea9d641ac48f23f4
NameOuroboros - Cryptographic Perpetuity - Uncommon - 0002
	"Type": "Ouroboros",
	"name": "Ouroboros - Cryptographic Perpetuity - Uncommon - 0002",
	"image": "ipfs://QmaQcceMzDtGJoYaN63fdy6SDiGaeUSwdzw8BoYhTaB9Xh",
	"Artist": "New Mindflow",
	"Number": "0002",
	"Rarity": "Uncommon",
	"Cardano": [
		"For Cardano, Ouroboros represents the concept of infinity.",
		"A proof-of-stake protocol for the global, distributed network",
		"that will be able to grow sustainably and incorruptibly, ",
		"providing \"greater opportunities to the world while ",
		"also preserving it.\""
	"Royalty": "0.10",
	"Twitter": "",
	"Version": "V1",
	"Website": "",
	"Copyright": "Copyright New Mindflow 2022",
	"Mythology": [
		"The Ouroboros, a snake swallowing its own tail, has been ",
		"interpreted in various ways throughout history, but most ",
		"cultures agree it's a symbol for eternal renewal, ",
		"a cycle of life, death and rebirth."
	"Collection": "Icons - Part 2"