Browsing recently minted NFTs

The NFT browser
We provide a useful browser tool which shows all recently minted NFTs. This tool can be found in the left-hand menu or using the following links.

The tool is made freely available to all
By default each minted NFT will appear individually in the browser in the order that it is minted. When hundreds or thousands of NFTs are minted in the same collection, they can swamp the recent mint list.

To make it easier to find the minted NFTs you are looking for, or just have a better overall view of what is currently being minted, we offer the option to group NFTs by their policy id. In this mode, we only show the last minted NFT image and indicate the total number of NFTs that are associated with the policy.
Why is the image not showing for an NFT?
We follow the CIP-25 standards for Cardano NFTs. If an NFT does not follow these standards, it may be excluded or show a broken image symbol.
But other NFT browsers show it!
We try to strictly follow the CIP-25 standards. Some other browsers are more lenient or correct common mistakes.

We think being slightly stricter is the right approach to take. This will highlight issues early on (ideally in preview) and help drive better compliance to standards in the long run.
Viewing all NFTs in a collection
If you wish to view all NFTs in a collection, click on any token and then click on the policy id of that token. This will provide you with a view of all NFTs that have been minted against that policy.