Buying NFTs

NFT marketplace
If you have been provided with a link to a Wytchspace NFT Marketplace, you can purchase and NFTs listed. You will need to first select the number of NFTs you wish to purchase. Once this is done, a unique wallet address will be created for you where you can send the correct payment.

Please note that this unique wallet address will remain valid until either a purchase is received or it times out.
Random allocation of tokens
You cannot choose which tokens you purchase. You will be allocated tokens at random for all of the tokens remaining in the collection
Returned ADA
Every token that you purchase will be sent to your purchasing wallet accompanied by 2 ADA (per token). If you purchase an NFT for 100 ADA, you will receive 1 NFT and 2 ADA back. If you purchase 5 NFTS, you will receive 5 tokens and 10 ADA back.
Invalid purchases
If you mistakenly send an incorrect amount to the payment gateway, the invalid payment will be rejected and automatically returned to you (minus any Cardano network fees) without purchasing tokens. Please note, that this only applies to purchases sent to wallet addresses we supply.


Something gone wrong?
The great news about the blockchain is that everything is transparent. Any problems, just contact our support team.