Introduction to Wytchspace

What is the Wytchspace platform?
The Wytchspace platform is a web based interface where you can prepare, mint and sell NFTs.

Built to support minting NFTs at large scale and reduce the pain of managing NFT collections, it has been designed to be intuitive to use and to work well on both desktop and mobile devices.
Who can use the platform?
The platform is open to all. It is simple enough to make it easy for people new to cryptocurriencies and NFTs, but also powerful enough that veterans of cyptocurrencies can achieve their goals more easily.
Is there a demo?
The platform supports testnet and mainnet environments. You are free to play around in the testnet environment to mint tokens without spending ADA.
Switching between Mainnet and Testnet
You can switch between mainnet and testnet by clicking on your profile image in the top right-hand side of the page and selecting "Use MAINNET" or "Use TESTNET" as required

All projects, markets and transactions visible are related to the environment you are currently in. You cannot view your mainnet projects when in the testnet environment and vice versa.
How can I get started?
Just register for an account and begin your Cardano NFT journey straight away!