Transferring NFTs

Transferring NFTs
One you have completed minting, your NFTs will be shown on your project page. You can transfer any NFT to any wallet address you choose by clicking on the transfer icon next to the NFT. Note that each NFT transferred will need to be accompanied by a minimum amount of ADA (typically 1-2₳)
NFTs and exchange wallets
Many crypto exchanges do not support Cardano Native tokens yet. You may lose your NFTs (since you will not be able to access them) if transferred to these wallets.

We recommend setting up your own wallets (like Daedalus, Yoroi, Eternl) and taking control of your crypto-assets.

Selling NFTs

Setting prices
After minting, you can set a price per NFT for every NFT in your project. As soon as a price has been set, your NFTs can be purchased by others.
Adding royalties
Coming soon